Healer Search



I want to find others who can do what I do so we can work together. I believe it is important to make healing accessible and help as many people as possible. To apply, healers will need to completes a series of tasks in order to demonstrate their healing ability. The whole process will be discreet and privacy will be protected.



How to apply


stage ONE

Part 01

5 x Video Testimonials.

Please provide 5 video testimonials from people you have healed, along with their contact details (phone and email). 

Video length: 3mins Max (each)

Format: links to YouTube or Vimeo preferred but small video files can be provided via email as .mov files.

Part 02

2 xFilmed live healings with followup.

Please provide footage of 2 live healings in real time.

The footage must include the patient talking about their condition before the healing as well as a followup interview 2 weeks later. 

Footage of healing should not be edited in any way.

** Note: Due to my contract with TLC. I cannot show full healings but you can see them on the show for reference. 



Part 03 (preferred but not required to apply) 

Medical Professional Endorsement 

A letter written by a doctor who has witnessed you work and is willing to be contacted by me.




Those selected from the first stage will be asked for the following:

Part 01-

Participate in a remote healing task with individual patients who have reached out for my help. Instructions can be provided to those who have not healed remotely before. 

Part 02

Successful healers will be asked to do a 100 person remote healing group 




Should I find these highly effective healers, I hope they will join me in group healing as well as one on one sessions to support as many people as possible. 

I will also make a list of healers that have excellent results for public access.