Meditation teacher Jeremy Carne will join me to show you how we meditate. We’ll guide you through two live meditations a day. After 30 days, I hope you’ll gain a deep understanding of the benefits of meditation and be motivated to include it in your everyday life.

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Chef Khanh Ong and I will demonstrate how to prepare a variety of my favourite meals for you to choose from everyday. He recently placed 3rd in MasterChef Australia.

The meals are easy to prepare and delicious.


I’m looking for 3 volunteers to help me. There’s a unique opportunity to experience the program here with me in Byron Bay, Australia. All travel, food, accommodation and expenses for the duration of the course will be covered. In return, your journey with me will be filmed so it can be viewed by future participants as they do the course.

To be considered, you’ll need to sign up for the course before the 7th of November and be available to travel to Australia from the 30th of November – 21st of December 2018. More details are included in your enrolment confirmation email.