Hi Charlie,

Just to let you know the history and success of your treatment of my cold sore.

For many years I have had a cold sore on the bottom lip on the righthand side. If it wasn’t active I could always feel it just sitting there. When I had the first phone conversation with you I could feel the sore tingling and pressure on the cheekbone on the same side. I also felt quite drained. About a week later I could feel the sore again although not as before. Since then I haven’t had a cold sore or had the feeling of it sitting there.

I also tuned into one of your group sessions as I hadn’t been sleeping well. During the session I sat for 10 minutes and felt very relaxed and peaceful, however I had a very bad night’s sleep and had a headache which I normally don’t suffer from. Since then my sleep pattern has been much better and haven’t had another cold sore.

I do wish you success and would be interested to hear how things progress for you. 


Stephanie Beck