There really is no other way to open this statement but Charlie has 100% changed my life!
Since I was 3 years old I have been the bearer of heavy duty coldsores; sometimes up to 17 at one time. I know!!

This was such a debilitating experience, as not only did I look like a grotesque mess, its extremely painful and effects 2 of most favourite things in life, wining and dining!
It was last year I came into contact with Charlie, and for 27 years prior I had been experiencing cold sores at least every month, rain, hail or shine and usually caused by all 3!

Every month for my whole life I was almost guaranteed one would bust out during the most exciting and important events, not to mention endless summers of cold sores and Id think great, here I go again. I tried absolutely every imaginable treatment from medicinal to natural.

I have been outrageously fortunate to come into contact with Charlie; it was a significantly memorable moment in my life with an incredibly amazing outcome.
Charlie worked his magic on me and within a few consultations, after a life time of deliberation I am a healed woman, who can feel like a lady at all times without the stress or concern that I will break into a monstrosity and commence the 5 stage nightmare, which is that of herpes simplex.

I don’t believe I’ve been able to thank Charlie enough; words really can’t express in their entirety the difference he has made in my life. Hats off to you Charlie............

Jade Preston Jan Juc, Victoria Australia