Fear of flying

14th of October, 2010
To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Charlie Goldsmith for a couple of years now. From the first encounter I had with Charlie I recognized his overwhelming sense of calm given his current situation at the time. We have formed a friendship and it gives me great pleasure to write about how helpful he has been for me with his healing powers.

The actual reason for my visit to Charlie was for him to assist me with an ongoing headache. I had suffered a terrible headache for approximately 5 days. I assumed I had pulled a muscle out in my neck and had arranged to visit the Chiropractor. Charlie makes it such an effortless act to help. Instantly I felt clearer in the head and I am proud to say I cancelled my Chiropractors appointment.

Charlie was also aware of an ongoing fear of mine – flying. After this consultation he advised me I would also be fine to fly. As I was setting off on 5 months of overseas travel I was intrigued to see if this would work.

I am happy to report, that I have just returned from this lengthy trip. My first flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles was the first flight in over 10 years where I did not seek aid from anti anxiety medication. It was the first flight that did not have me physically ill for the 48 hours leading up to it. I had planned to do a lot of travel over land, however after this first flight I felt I would put my newfound excitement of air travel to the test. I am happy to report that I have now flown with most of the US carriers on large jets to very small jets. I am now the passenger who will take photos out the window as we take off and land. I am the passenger who is no longer concerned by turbulence or the clap of lightening you may see out the window. It is amusing to me that I can actually tell you, I now enjoy to fly.

His healing power is such a precious asset and I am not only proud to have him as my healer but I am proud to call such an evolved person my friend. I would recommend anyone see him for any issue not only for fears but medical or personal complaints too. I hope my words encourage anyone to seek advice or treatment from Charlie to allow him to better your life.

Regards, Sara Newton