Kidney Infection



I was taken to Tweed Hospital, NSW, Australia on Friday afternoon 22/5 with renal colic. A stone was lodged in my ureter just below my kidney.

I underwent surgery that 8pm to insert a stent between the kidney and bladder - it ran alongside the stone. Since there was infection, removal of the stone was too dangerous an option and the stent allowed the kidney to still function.

After 2.5 days of heavy duty intravenous antibiotics my body still couldn't shake the infection. The third night my temp was at 38.4, I slept badly feeling progressively more unwell. Woken at 6am for observations my temp was 38.6 and I was feeling terrible. My torso was tender inside and out, I was sore to touch, flu like feelings. It was the first occurrence of discomfort since the surgery.

Meanwhile my daughter (by phone) suggested sending her friend Charlie a text, I did. Immediately it bounce back with 'how are you?' and I gave a brief description. Within a few seconds that tender achey feeling just left the front of my body. I was laying down with eyes closed and it felt like a 'blanket' of pain was lifted. I reported that and that my back felt the same. Reply was 'one sec, how is it now?'........again within seconds was the sensation of the pain coming away from my upper back though remaining in lower back/kidney area. A third effort (by Charlie) and it vanished from there too. 

I could hardly believe the difference - sat up (easily) in bed, mentally searching for the pain - it was gone! Over the next 15-30 minutes I actually felt my body temperature normalising as well. At about 7am I asked for a body temp check - it was down to 37.1 and has stayed down since. Infection gone.

Pamela Gornall