Sjogrens Syndrome


About 6 years ago i noticed i had a swollen gland in my neck - just below my ear on the left side. Within 6 months both sides had become noticably swollen and i started to get severe eye infections. I was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome which is an auto-immune syndrome that affects all glands in the body that secrete (exocrine), the swelling in my neck was my salivary glands and my eyes were very dry which was causing the infections. I was basically told that was the way things would be for me health wise.

About 3 years ago a friend suggested i do a healing session with Charlie and since that day my health has improved - my salivary glands are normal size and my eyes are fine - I was having my eyes tested just last week and was told by the optometrist that my eyes aren't dry at all!

I am very greatful, these days i'm tired because i've been working hard not because of Sjogrens, i feel great.

Davina Yates