Depression, anxiety, bulimia and self harm

I had been suffering from major depression, anxiety, bulimia and self harm for a prolonged 8 months or so and was falling deeper and deeper into a place that only people that have suffered from mental illness and monumental grief will understand. Searching for any possible help I could, I found a Facebook page one day called ‘No time like’. Confused by the content of healing and the so called ‘healing sessions’ that were being talking about, I messaged the page to seek further information. Roughly a week later they responded asking me a few questions and then asked to call me. This was my first encounter with Charlie. I didn’t know too much about healers before Charlie (Being brought up with the routine norm to go to the doctor if I you were sick and being prescribed medication). However even depression and anxiety medication weren’t working in my case so I was open to any possibility to help me. I was desperate. Charlie got me to lie or sit still whilst he healed me. I didn’t know what he was doing. There was just silent on the other end of the phone. It took roughly a minute before he asked me how I felt. I then asked my self this question and realised that my anxiety had reduced by approximately 70%. For once in the last 8 months I felt an unbearable weight lift off me and an ability to relax and take a breath for a moment. I actually felt relieved. Which was an immense feeling after months of being numb. Although I was still consciously in a horribly vicious and depressive mind cycle, I felt lighter than I had felt for a very long time. Over the next month Charlie used his healing ability to help me over come my depressive state. By reducing and basically getting rid of all of my anxiety, making it easy to apply the techniques he was teaching me in order to heal myself. Without his healing, it would of been near impossible to overcome my anxiety and depression.

Charlie is a miracle, not just to me but for hundreds of others he has helped and healed. I am so grateful everyday for Charlie’s amazing healing ability and everything he has taught me. From helping me overcome depression, by healing and thus taking away my anxiety. To helping me nourish my body and making sure I ate properly again in order to conquer my bulimia. He taught me how to love life and think in a positive way, without hateful, hurtful and nasty thoughts. But, most importantly he taught me how to love myself and the world again. I can genuinely and utterly tell you that Charlie helped save my life. I am scared to think what the outcome could have been if he didn’t come into my life when he did. He undoubtedly has a powerful ability to heal almost anyone and anything he puts his positive mind and energy towards. Thankyou Charlie.