I have suffered from coldsores since I was about 4 years old. They have been painful, embarrassing and have caused me immense anxiety. After the birth of my third child they started to increase in frequency. I was having large painful outbreaks in the lead up to my cycle every month leaving barely a few weeks between.

These consistent outbreaks were having a massive impact on my life. I was avoiding all the usual triggers and had even tried medication which I hated putting in my body but nothing was working.
I came across Charlie's page on Facebook and contacted him to see if he was willing to help me. Given the amount of people I am sure contact him daily for help I was blown away by his generosity and genuine compassion in wanting to help me.
Charlie instructed me to contact him when the next outbreak was threatening. The next month both my top and bottom lip were swollen, tingling and lumps were beginning to form under the surface. I contacted Charlie and explained what I was feeling and he worked on me while I sat quietly. The tingling began to reduce immediately and my lips began to pulse as if energy was pumping through them, he asked how it was feeling and then worked on the area again. The tingling and swelling was now easing significantly and then Charlie worked on it for a third time and the lump under the surface started to reduce as well, what was due to become a major outbreak was basically stopped in it's tracks thanks to Charlie.

Charlie has an amazing gift and is so unbelievably generous with his time and energy. I feel so blessed to have crossed his path and will be eternally grateful to him. Charlie's undeniable gift of the ability to heal needs to be embraced and respected, his work is important and has the potential to change the way we view modern medicine.  He was able to heal what modern medicine had failed to..

I can't thank you enough Charlie.