Neck Injury

Hi my names Scott. I have had a lot of injuries over the years. I've had a knee reconstruction and four operations and a dislocated knee and fractured tibia and fibia all on the same knee. I get a lot of pain and my knee locks up from time to time. I have had two major back operations and have discs out of place and nerves pinching in my back. I have been strangled in a head lock by a so called friend who tried to break my neck. I have discs out of place in my neck and a fractured concoid. That's in my throat. Makes it hard to swallow. Over the last ten years I've had really bad pain in my neck where my neck meets my shoulders and by the end of the day it is so sore that it hurts my neck and my shoulders and the disc where the pain is feels swollen and really hot. Makes it hard to move my head or body without it hurting me. Hurts when I drive or do things. It has been unbearable at times. And as a result of this I have a calcium lump that has formed next to the sore disc. It was nearly as big as a golf ball. Not quite but close. I saw a post from Charlie and what he has done for people and how he has been healing people with all sorts of problems. I thought that I know I can trust Charlie. He seems to know what he's doing. I've been hurt by a psychic healer before. But I just knew Charlie could be trusted. He called me up after I told him about some of my problems and while we were speaking he said hang on a sec and then he asked how I was feeling. I have to say my pain level in my neck dropped majorly. I was able to move my neck. He'd say hang on a sec. Next thing the pain dropped more then the lump in my neck got smaller. Unbelievable. It is now a little bit bigger than a marble. The pain in my neck is now bearable and now I can feel other pains I didn't know I had. Charlie has been working on me for two days now and my neck pain although still there is more like a stretched muscle pain rather than the excruciating pain I was in.

Thanks Charlie.

Scott Stage

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