Sexual Assault


How would you describe an ailment such as rape? Once all the physical scars are over the pain is purely mental. It is invisible to others and at most times still a mystery to most.

The feelings that you are left with, whilst all mental cause emotional scarring that for some is seemly irreversible. I am here to tell you that is not the case.

I met Charlie through a friend after she became concerned as I was withdrawn, self-destructive and had changed as a person.

A rape can really shake your soul, or how you perceive the world around you. This is where Charlie was incredible. He showed me external to my internal hurt and helped me grow beyond the immediate experience and to see it as a universal whole. Whilst you can never say what happened to you was a gift so to say you can look at every experience as to help you grow. I learned compassion for my attacker, unconditional love as I worked with Charlie and most of all forgiveness.

The emotions that I fought with, assisted by Charlie, were self hate, fear of being looked upon as dirty and one that is not hard to say now, the labelled of being raped, soiled.

I can now say that if you were to call rape and ailment I am cured. Healed from my emotional scares and in remission from the feelings I once felt.

These days I travel through life more aware of my emotions and feelings, knowing where they stem from and how to let them go. All lessons Charlie shared with me.

Thank you Charlie for the time you spent with me many years ago now, for the time you have given to me since and for the time you are always willing to unconditionally give to me in the future. The world is a better place with you in it.