Cerebral spinal fluid leak causing chronic longterm pain.

Hi Charlie,

I offer my gratitude each day as I wake feeling drastically better mentally and physically than I ever thought possible.  

Your work has the capacity to change our world positively beyond our current medical understanding.  I hope your work shifts the chronic medical momentum towards learning alternative direction.  In 1974 Dr Larry Dossey was ridiculed for studying the healing power of prayer and meditation. Now it is accepted and taught. 

Your work accomplished what no one from best neurologist at a teaching hospital to traditional Chinese medicine in GuangZhou to experimental medical could not.  I also have attempted several spiritual healings and biofeedback and healing programs. A few telephone calls with you helped me.  Do I understand completely..? No.. But do I believe in you? Absolutely!  Thank you.  

I am not certain if it is relevant to your work, but it may be relevant to the many medical practitioners currently studying your work. Below is a very brief synopsis of my 36 year battle with chronic pain.

Since 1980 I have had head, neck, and back pain almost every day at levels ranging from 2 to 10.  I have seen countless doctors and have had countless correct and incorrect diagnosis.  Finally in 2006, after 26 prior surgeries, procedures, and treatments, a neurologist at a medical school correctly diagnosed and attempted a few more experimental surgeries.

I developed a cerebral spinal fluid leak after a rare tumor was removed from my lower spinal column in 1980. Twenty two years later an oligodendroglioma brain cancer tumor was removed at MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston TX. I am only living because the chronic pain had me returning to ER for unbreakable pain untreatable by the doctors I was seeing.  The neurologist was traveling the world teaching on pain management so I went to ER instead of his office, for the second time.  After testing ER pushed into waiting area to be picked up with a scribbled note stating an incorrectly diagnosed type of brain cancer. After the brain cancer surgery I was very upset when the neurologist told me the tumor was not the cause of my pain. I instantly started my next research category.

Many of the procedures were attempting to deal with pain from the scar tissue, titanium plates, and pins, in my head. But it was also discovered the prime pain cause was the cerebral spinal fluid leak among scar tissue in my lower back where the tumor had been removed and potentially in my head also. The tumor was second of its kind in history but believed to be the same as the brain cancer.  The scar tissue made medical healing difficult.

This world works in mysterious ways.  And all I know for certain is that I believe.....


Sandi Bailey


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