Chronic pain and about to have spinal fusion.

It has been nearly a year since Charlie first contacted me and began healing me. It's 11.30am, I have been to the gym, done the grocery shopping, cleaned the house and ironed my work uniforms. This time last year, I might not have gotten out of bed until 4pm. This was due to pain, exhaustion and having given up on life. 

My partner contacted Charlie on my behalf, I was completely against it when she mentioned the idea to me and not open to the idea at all. I was a couple of weeks away from having spinal fusion on my lower back, after having spent almost 3 years on the waiting list. I had visited 3 osteopaths, 3 GPs, 2 specialists and had 6 consultations with 2 different spinal surgeons. I was sure surgery was the only and right choice for me.

Charlie phoned me and asked me to describe exactly where the pain was in my lower back, a few seconds later I could feel a warmth go through my body and then focus on the area where the pain was coming from. I was pain free and in shock. Charlie also treated my feet, which I had broke 7 bones across both of them. I hadn't been pain free for a single day since I originally broke them. I described to Charlie where they were painful and I felt the same warmth  in the area of the breaks. The pain had disappeared and for the first time that I can remember I was pain free in both my feet. 

Looking back on that first day that Charlie healed me, I was in shock and complete amazement, the only explanation I could think of was that Charlie had healed me. He had done it over the phone too! Even prescription medication could never relieve the pain in my feet. The whole experience was a lot for me to take in and comprehend. 

I contacted the hospital to postpone the operation, I was still a little worried about taking myself off the waiting list however. Charlie continued to email me and call me, the pain occasionally returned to my feet, but Charlie could relieve it instantly. 2 weeks later I turned down the next operation I was offered and I was removed from the waiting list. 

Almost a year later I have returned to working full time as a chef. I had only been working 15-20 hours a week before Charlie began healing me. I can't imagine having an operation or using medication again. 

I proposed to my partner this week and I can see a happy future for us. Last year and the year before I couldn't see past the end of each day and I was terrified of a hard and painful future. Myself and Nicole can't thank you enough Charlie and we will never forget what you have done for us. We hope people will recognise you and others like you as healers and not rely on medication and operations. I was closed minded but I hope people will open their minds as they hear more stories like mine.

Love and kind regards Sam and Nicole

Melbourne Australia