Fibrous Dysplasia & McCune Albright Syndrome

From: rmallic
Date: Friday, 3 February 2017 at 7:18 am
To: Charlie Goldsmith
Subject: Re: testimonial

Hello sweet Charlie, 

In 5 days it will be 60 days of pain free for my sweet daughter Abigail Mallicoat.  What a journey it has been.  My daughter has a very rare bone disease called fibrous dysplasia/McCune Albright syndrome. Almost every doctor we have encountered has never seen it in person just in medical books.  This disease is very hard to explain but to sum it up your bones are like a sponge with a bunch of holes.  Very porous and can easily be broken once they are broken they don't heal on their own.. In fact they never heal.. Abby doesn't just have it in one area she has it in several, her skull, jaw, top vertebrate of her neck, her ribs, and her tailbone..   She has been in constant pain her whole life.  I'm not talking about a pain that would come and go. The best way to describe it (in her words) is like a sledge hammer constantly hitting your body. We have seen several doctors who would give her medication after medication with no relief. We were told they could no longer help us so we were fortunate enough to be accepted into Shriners.. They are a blessing but even the top doctors in the world were losing sleep over Abby's condition.  Last August, we were told that they may have a last option a reclast infusion  ( its an infusion they give to patients who have cancer) but because her calcium and vitamin D levels were so low we would have to wait until we got them up before they could give her the infusion. Every single day for 10 weeks we followed the doctor's orders and gave her prescribed vitamin D and calcium.  As a Catholic and a true believer in God I prayed that this was the answer..  every night I would light my candle and pray for not only for her levels to go up but for the infusion to work. After 10 weeks and getting her blood drawn her levels were high enough to get the infusion. We were so excited as a family because it gave up something to hold onto too.  She received the transfusion on November 9, 2016.  What followed was a brutal journey of pain.. more pain than before. I was so angry!  I did everything I could for her.. I sang to her, I comforted her, I told her that it would kick in and work (even though I was to the point where I didn't believe that)  I had to keep her going.  One late night she looked up at me and said "I'm tired mom.. I don't want to do this anymore, I hate being in a body that it so painful and I can't escape from it.  We sobbed uncontrollably and she said it's sad that I will never know what being pain free is like.  It's sad that everyday I have to try to put on a smile when inside I feel like I'm dying!  If u have children you could surely understand the heartache that it took on me as a mother.  My husband and i brought this beautiful baby girl  into this world with pain and I couldn't help but blame myself! I was suppose to protect her, help her, love her, save her and I couldn't save her. I couldn't take away the pain. That night after several tears she finally fell asleep.  I went downstairs and lit my candle and got on my knees and begged  ( I mean begged )  I begged for God to take the pain away, to make her feel normal, to give her the strength to not give up even in her darkest hours. Even though I wanted to give up myself.  The very next day was when a production company reached out to abby through Facebook telling her they may have someone by the name of Charlie Goldsmith who they believed may be able to help her. She came downstairs and gave me her phone and said mom I'm interested!  I had never heard of an energy healer but we were so desperate and thought we have nothing to lose but possibly everything to gain so why not give it a try.  On Charlie Goldsmiths website u can see the conversation that transpired between emails and the voice recordings of her being healed. "Just click on Abby's story"  during abbys phone sessions with him she felt an extreme relief of pain. I will never forget the night of the first phone session.. she got off the phone and looked directly at me with tears steaming down her face and says to me.. "is this what being pain free feels like"?  I was astounded and I asked her if she was serious?  She grabbed me so tight  (tighter than she ever had and we both just sobbed)  she said Charlie had the key!  I was very puzzled by that because I didn't quite understand.  This is what she explained to me. " imagine being in handcuffs your whole life.  Trying to fight to get out of them.. going to doctor after doctor and praying they have the key that is gonna unlock me from the pain that i couldn't escape from..time and time again I would get my hopes up only to be let down.  I was giving up.  Tired of fighting the fight and just as I was wanting to drown Charlie came into my life with the key"  he unlocked me from the hand cuffs and I can now enjoy my life.. I can sing, laugh, study, not only love life but live it..  she's still pain free and doing great!! We think about Charlie every day and everytime I see her smile I look up to God and say thank u.. thank u for bringing an angel in to help us when we needed an angel most!  I'm a true believer in what Charlie does and I believe God puts angels here on earth to help us!  Charlie we could never repay you for what you have done and we will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.  We love u more than u could ever imagine!! Thank u for changing our lives and giving us the best gift possible.. my sweet abbys life back.. we look forward to hearing all the other incredible stories of people whom u heal!!  hugs!!


The Mallicoats