Charlie created Pumpy Jackson with his love for making healthy foods in 2015. 

Pumpy Jackson has only 3.8% naturally occurring sugars, most of which comes from the Almonds. That’s 91% less sugar than equivalent dark chocolates sweetened with sugar cane, agave, maple or coconut nectar.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, coconut milk, cocoa butter, almond milk, chicory root , monk fruit juice, chia, tapioca, natural vanilla & non GMO corn starch (0.1%)

Vegan   |   No added sugar, agave or coconut nectar   |  No added gluten   |   No added dairy   | No emulsifiers   |   No preservatives   |   No GMOs



Cassette first began in a lounge room. Charlie Goldsmith was doing basic design and print at the age of 20.

Cassette is a creative communications agency with strategy at the heart of everything we do. We use communication to create a connection, inspire engagement and ultimately assist our clients achieve their business objectives. Our expertise and experience spans every communications discipline with a common theme throughout: a love of simple, effective, creative communication. It’s our strategy that sets us apart.

A diverse, driven team of 45 spans offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong; we love local yet think global. Our 15-year heritage in Property, Consumer & Retail, Travel & Tourism and Health & Wellbeing has created long-lasting relationships with some of Australia’s most respected companies.

Our craft is communication and we deliver it with care across every channel: Strategy, Design, Digital, Branded Environments, Print and Public Relations.

www.cassette.com.au | www.cassetteprint.com.au