7th May 2012.

To Whom It May Concern:

I’ve suffered with the herpes virus since I was 10 months old.

It’s thought I contracted the virus by my aunt giving me a kiss while she had a cold sore (although not entirely certain).

At 10 months of age, I was in hospital with a dendritic ulcer on my eye. I’ve suffered from severe herpes of the eye since – with vision being lost.

During this time I have also suffered from severe cold sores around my mouth.

In the later years, I’ve been able to treat the cold sore virus with ointment when I feel the ‘tingling’ sensation. If I get there early enough, the outbreak won’t occur (most of the time – not every time). Never have I been able to have the ‘tingling’ sensation and leave it untreated. If I did, I would certainly end up in hospital due to the severity.

Charlie treated me in early March 2012. By this stage I had already had 3 cold sores in 2012.

After 1 treatment with Charlie my existing cold sore was gone within 2 days.

I then felt the virus reappear approx. 1 month later. I didn’t treat it and it didn’t develop. It was very much like the majority of the virus had been removed from my system, however my immune system was just able to fend this bout off.

I then did another session with Charlie while I had the tingling sensation. By the end of the treatment, the ‘tingling’ had disappeared.

I haven’t had another cold sore since.

What Charlie does is very hard to explain. I could try to explain it, but I would probably end up writing a novel. Even then, people would find it very hard to believe.

He has extraordinary powers that have the ability to work after seconds of treatment. The ability to remove a life-long virus the medical profession hasn’t been able to combat is truly remarkable and nothing short of a miracle.

How do you explain a miracle? It’s very difficult. You need to experience it yourself and then you’ll see what I mean.

Thanks so much Charlie. You truly are a miracle man. 

Alison Morgan