Egg Allergy

I'm 35 years old and all my life i have had an egg allergy. As a kid, if i ate egg, my body would reject it in a very powerful way, expelling everything from my body. My Mum has horror stories that still make her shudder. As i grew older, my curiosity for egg increased and I slowly learnt that it was raw/undercooked egg that was the trigger. This was good to know but i quite often ate foods that contained raw egg but was not visible, for example, mayonnaise, pavlova, certain desserts and certain pasta/noodle dishes that have raw egg stirred through just before serving. These type of dishes were where it hit me hard. 20 seconds after consuming the raw egg, i get a strange tingly feeling on my tongue and then i suddenly have that “oh no!” feeling rush over me. 5 seconds later, 1 side of my lip (it alternates) will start swelling up, my tongue goes tingly (in a bad way), my throat starts to close and my whole mental feeling goes into a strange place that just doesn’t feel quite right. This would last approx 1-2 hours. Basically, i look like i’ve been punched in the face and i can’t hold a conversation. Rather humiliating when you’re in a restaurant or cafe then have to leave immediately to go home.

After seeing Charlie, he used his energy healing on me and then we went to test it. As you could imagine, i was nervous. Very nervous. We cracked an egg and i started eating the yolk. No reaction at all. I
have now started eating gooey eggs for breakfast (whilst in public) and have had nil side effects. I can’t explain how it works but the results have changed me. My allergy was not a matter of life or death but it’s changed how i live. I’m still coming to grips with the taste/texture of gooey eggs but it’s been an amazing experience!

All thanks to Charlie! Adrian Waugh